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10 Variables to Success Within Your Control

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Success demands that you control the things that are within your control. You may not control every aspect of your world, but the things you do control are what makes the difference between real success and mediocrity. These are the things you have total control over:

Your Attitude: It is a decision to be positive, optimistic, and future-oriented. It’s also a decision to be negative, cynical, and to play the victim. This variable is within your control, and it will, in part, determine your results.

Your Beliefs: You did not choose your beliefs. You had them installed, even though you never gave your consent. A big part of what you believe doesn’t serve you. But it is within your power to shed old beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs.

Your Resourcefulness: You may not have the resources others have, but your resourcefulness is limitless, and it is the great equalizer. Resources come and go, but resourcefulness is yours to exercise without constraints.

Your Capacity for Work: There are people that will be smarter than you. They’ll be some that are prettier than you, too. Many will have advantages you don’t possess, including raw talent. But the capacity for hard work is a variable that levels the playing field in all areas.

Your Decisions: What do you do with your time? Where do you invest your energy? The decisions that you make are within your control. Your ability and willingness to make decisions in line with your long term goals are a variable to success that belongs to you exclusively.

Your Expertise: You don’t have to go to an elite, Ivy League school to become an expert in your field. You just have to do the work, study hard, and gain the experience that gives you the insights that make you an expert in your chosen field.

Your Willingness to Sell: Many fail to achieve their goals because they can’t, don’t, or won’t sell. They should be successful, but they aren’t willing to ask people to buy what they sell.

Your Persistence and Intestinal Fortitude: More people would be successful if they maintained the necessary level of action over a longer period of time. Your willingness to persist longer than seems wise, and even when it is uncomfortable, is a variable you control.

Your Resistance to Comfort: Growth requires discomfort, mental and physical. You have to take on ideas that make you uncomfortable. You also have to take actions that aren’t comfortable for you. Most people would prefer comfort over their real goals. Your comfort being uncomfortable is what allows you to succeed where others fail.

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