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Do the Work Others Avoid

When I was a kid washing dishes, some of the other dishwashers would do everything in their power to avoid handling the dishes at the front of the dishwasher. The job was incredibly gross, and you left work soaking wet, as we were washing…

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The Power in Clarity of Purpose

Last weekend I was reviewing my projects and tasks when I recognized how many of the projects and tasks had nothing to do with my goals now. I accumulated this list over the course of the last seven or eight years, and many of the tasks and…

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Why Read Business Books

Business Acumen: If there is one thing business books will do without fail it is to provide you with business acumen. They will teach you the common business concepts you need to be fluent in conversations with other business people. Reading…

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Avoiding Arrested Development

You can get trapped in your comfort zone. You can stop growing, allowing your development as a human being to be arrested at some level, even if there is growth available to you.

No growth is stagnation. It can also be surrender. Some people live…

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