Success Mindset

You Are Pure Potential

We misunderstand our real potential. So much of what we believe comes from the subconscious mind, a mind programmed throughout your life, with a good part of that programming being locked into place at a very young age by what you see, hear, and…

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Matters and Anti-Matters

Some things that seem essential don’t matter. Other things that you take for granted do matter.

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on Facebook, or how many followers on Twitter, or how many connections or followers on LinkedIn. It does…

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Be Your Own Tyrant

Tyranny: the word means a cruel and oppressive ruler. Liberty: defined as freedom from oppressive rule.

If you want liberty, you need to rule yourself like a tyrant. If you can’t govern your desires like a tyrant, then you will undoubtedly…

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Deciding What Not to Do

Because we live in an age where the digital tools provide infinite distractions, it is easy to get drawn away from your work by visual, audio, and written content designed to amuse and entertain you. Even though the social channels can be used for…

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