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A Note to Young Entrepreneurs

You aren’t going to be Uber. Well, a few of you may be, but most of you will not. There are a lot of businesses that are being disrupted, and many more will be, but not all of those disruptions will result in an Uber (or something like it).


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Do Your Unpleasant Tasks First

There are two ways you can handle unpleasant tasks, one more popular than the other, one more effective.

The popular way to handle unpleasant tasks is to procrastinate. There is a certain category of tasks that you’d rather not do, even if they…

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Grinding > Whining

Resisting the things you need to do to succeed doesn’t do anything to lessen the need to do them. What’s worse, however, is complaining and whining about having to do them. Heightening your negative emotional state makes things worse, as does the… Continue Reading
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A Drag on Your Success

Your success depends upon you deciding to be successful, and then having the discipline and focus to do it. It also depends on your guarding against the very things that will obstruct you. You must decide that you will not allow the following be a… Continue Reading
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