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Burning Brightly Still

The human spirit desires liberty. Everyone, everywhere in the world, should have what the human spirit desires most of all.

The desire for liberty, freedom, burns like an ember in the souls of people in every nation on earth. It always has. It…

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Ice and Eskimos

In the old days, to describe someone with sales skills people would say things like “He could sell ice to an eskimo.” That phrase was used to describe sales acumen, especially overcoming objections. But selling has changed. You would never sell…

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Stop Being Defensive

Sometimes you need to give your dream client proof that you’re the right partner. They challenges you with a concern, and you want to make your case. You want to resolve all of their concerns, offering proof point after proof point in an attempt…

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Why the Rain Dance Brings Rain

Parts of the Southwestern United States are very dry, very arid regions. In the past, the Native American tribes that lived there needed the rain to survive. When the rain didn’t come, the Native American tribes would do what is called…

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