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Are You the Dangerous Type?

If you were to walk in the back door of your dream client’s account and speak to one of the contacts who cares about what you do, would your competitor have reason to be concerned? Should they fear your very presence inside the building as an…

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Cheap Is Expensive

People believe that the way to determine whether something is cheap or expensive is to look at the price, oftentimes comparing the price of one offering with a similar offering. While price can sometimes be a factor, it generally has less to do…

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fish bones

Spit Out The Bones

A Zen Master I know, Genpo Roshi, wrote a book called Spitting Out the Bones. The book title is something his Master said to him about Zen. His Master told him that he must “swallow the whole fish and then spit out the bones.”

A lot of us, your…

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False Dichotomies in Sales Advice

The idea of a false dichotomy is that one is presented a choice of two ideas that are seemingly exclusive when they are not. It also leaves out other possibilities. The false choice forces the person to choose one to the exclusion of the other.

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