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If You Are a Farmer

What does a farmer do?A farmer prepares the earth. A farmer ensures that the ground is ready to produce. When the ground is ready, the farmer tills the soil and plants the seeds that will eventually bring a harvest.When the seeds are… Continue Reading
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How Are You Going to Lose

There are two questions that will help you win more deals. The first question is, “How am I going to win this deal? The second is the other side of that question, requiring an answer for “How am I going to lose this deal?” The first…

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How to Get More Referrals

One of the very best prospecting methods is rarely utilized. Everyone knows they should be using it, but they don’t. That method is the referral. The people who know you and value what you do, know people who would benefit from buying from… Continue Reading
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Nothing Works All of the Time

A lot of salespeople seek the one right answer. They want to know what the right strategy is, so they can apply that strategy to every deal. They want to know what tactic works in some situation, in order to memorize that single tactic and use it…

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