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A Lead Is a Lottery Ticket

A lead is a lottery ticket. You don’t know whether you win anything until you scratch the card. Why wouldn’t you check to see if you have won anything? Why not take a look and see what you’ve got—if anything.

Some sales folks make the mistake of…

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So Good It Sells Itself

Your product is not so good that it sells itself. If it were, you would be unnecessary.

Your product may be far better than your competitors' products. That improvement in quality may be felt by anyone who buys it. But that perception doesn’t…

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Sell Like a Human

We don’t like people who are inauthentic. We don’t like phonies, frauds, or fakes. We like people who are real, honest, and congruent.

We also don’t like to do business with people who are only telling us what we want to hear so they can make a…

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