Sales Knowledge

In Praise of the CRM

The CRM doesn’t get near the respect it deserves. Far too many salespeople believe that the only purpose it serves is to act as Big Brother, watching their even move, monitoring what they are doing—and more often, what they are not doing (as a…

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Pull Your Weeds

If you leave a plot of land alone, over time it will become overrun with all sorts of plant life. Most of the plant life will be of a hearty variety, and weeds will be chief among them. Weeds tend to grow wherever the soil is left untended; they…

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Who You Are Is Who You Serve

There is a reason you need Dream Clients, those clients who perceive what you do as strategic, who will consider you a partner, and who will be willing to pay for the outcomes you help them generate. Who you are a salesperson is in large part…

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