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There is no end to the number of ideas that may benefit you in improving your results. Everything you might do differently is likely already known. The internet is the greatest leveler when it comes to the immediate delivery of insights and ideas…

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I Am Not Your Prospect

Tonight, I did something I rarely do. I stepped foot in an office supply store. My daughter wanted a fancy planner, and I needed some new highlighters for books I am reading and documents I need to review. Naturally, I only like one pen, some sort…

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The Discovery Misalignment

There is a reason the nonlinear nature of sales causes so many problems. For a very long time, the real process of selling—and buying—hasn’t resembled what shows up on a PowerPoint slide and starts at the far left with Target and ends on the…

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How Sales Will Change in 2017

A lot of pundits and prognosticators are going to start publishing their predictions for 2017. Predicting what might happen in any given domain is difficult at best, and it’s next to impossible in a complex, dynamic domain like “sales.”

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