Sales 3.0

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The Poverty of Words

Some salespeople send emails that, were they to be printed on paper, are three to four pages long. Other salespeople send long emails with bullet points and links in an attempt to pitch a meeting, even though they offer no trade equal or greater…

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Negotiating In Good Faith

There can be no deal if both sides refuse to negotiate and seek a solution.

One side believes that letting go of their position means losing. In their view, there is nothing as valuable as the place that they have staked out. The other side…

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Not Selling

Taking an order when a client reaches out to you to place an order is order-taking, not selling. Asking the questions necessary to create value for that client, shape their order, and cause them to engage with you on a more strategic level is…

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Data, Insight, and Wisdom

The word data means facts and statistics that have been in some way collected. Our technologies now allow us to collect an endless amount of data, some of which is helpful in making sense of our world, as well as assisting with better decisions.…

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