Sales 3.0

Right in Your Own Backyard

Why do new sales reps so often suffer from call reluctance? When you ask them, they almost always respond with something about dreading the rejection. Some advice for new salespeople:

Nothing has any more (or less) meaning than we allow it.…

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Outcomes and Immediate Feedback

Too much of the common wisdom about sales planning has more to do with researching the prospect than actual call planning (and too often, research paralyzes a sales rep and robs them of the time they should be pursuing prospects).

Real call…

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5 things I have learned at Toastmasters (so far)

I love Toastmasters, and I have wonderful club.  From watching others, I have picked up five essential skills for public speaking (I am sure there are more to come):

  1. Energy-Passion-Commitment
  2. Strong Opening Headline or Question
  3. Common Human…
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Who does your sales methodology serve?

One reason I remain agnostic about sales methodologies is that two key constituencies are often ignored. The first is the customer. How is the customer served by your sales process? Does it take the prospect as it finds them, considering in what…

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