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It’s Not Your Sales Manager’s Job

Motivation, that is. It is not your sales manager's job to motivate you. In fact, he can't motivate you. Truth be told, he can't even threaten you or inspire you. Anthony Robbins can't motivate you. No one can. All they can do is speak to the…

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Are Salespeople Born Or Made?

It is now an age-old question: Are salespeople born, or can they be made? It is true that some of the essential attributes commonly possessed by salespeople are part of their DNA. Some salespeople have a natural charisma, the ability to develop…

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Is Your Sales Closing Percentage Too High?

It's easy to know that you have a closing percentage that is too low. You compete for a lot of deals and you don't win many. Diagnosing the problem is a bit more difficult. A low number of wins can be the result of poor sales rep performance,…

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