Sales 3.0

Sales 3.0

I love Sales 2.0, so don't get me wrong. Even though technology provides us with wonderful new tools, it is no roadmap to success by itself. The right approach, it seems to me, is Sales 3.0. Sales 3.0 is: Sales 1.0 (timeless principles and… Continue Reading

How to Say You Are Sorry

Inevitably, at some time or another, you are going to have to say that you are sorry. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, saying your sorry is simple (which is not the same thing as easy). Start by saying: "I am sorry." Then say:… Continue Reading

What Do You Really Want?

Do you want your prospect's time so that you can tell him about your product or service? Do you want to tell her how you have helped your existing customers with their complex needs and challenges? Do you want to tell the prospect all of the… Continue Reading

Growth in Unlikely Places

I took this picture as I was getting into my car yesterday. It was in the middle of a massive parking lot where there should be absolutely nothing growing. I have no idea what it is, but I believe it is a weed of some kind.Growth

What makes this… Continue Reading

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