Sales 3.0

Selling is the New Sales

A funny thing happened to B2B sales over the last little while. Technology displaced conversation about sales. For certain, there was a lot of talk about the internet, social media, automation, and the merging of sales with marketing, with…

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two men lined up to race

Stop Focusing on Your Competitor

If focusing on your competitor would improve your sales results, it would be worth the time spent talking about them and the emotional energy invested. Your results, however, are not changed by this outward focus on what your competitor does.

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Arrow hitting a focus target

One Window Open

Right now, while you’re reading this, how many browser windows are open on your screen? How many notifications will pop up while you scan this text? How many times will you be pulled away from it before you finish the entire post?

There is a war…

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upset girl

You Are Upset Because You Care

Your client is not getting the outcome that you promised them when they made the decision to buy from you. Your team is struggling to produce those outcomes, and you are upset that things aren’t going well. You are right to be upset, and you are…

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