Why I Won’t Call You a Loser

You are not defined by your current state. No matter where you are right now, no matter how poorly you are doing at this moment, it is not final. It is not a life sentence. Your past does not determine your future.

You are not, nor can you ever…

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10 Things You Need to Do More Of

  1. Care More: You need to care more. You need to give yourself permission to passionately engage with the things that you choose to invest yourself in. There is nothing to gain from being dispassionate and transacting your way through life.
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The American Dream is Alive

The world has been spinning out of control since the world started spinning.

All forms of government have been prone to corruption, and they've been prone to overreaching since there have been rulers, even those that are democratically elected.…

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The Fear of What If

If you’re going to learn and grow, you need to listen to things with which you don’t agree. You are going to have to suspend your own perspective and step into that of someone who thinks very differently than you do. The single greatest reason…

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What Holds Us Together

There are those who would separate us based on our identities. This one is a man, and that one is a woman. This one is black, and that one is white. This is one is an immigrant, that one was born here. This is one is gay, and that one is straight.…

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The Limits of Your Growth

Your growth is limited by your ability to listen to ideas with which you disagree, explore beliefs that are in conflict with your own, and your ability to take the perspective of another, understanding that they hold some piece of the truth.


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What If You Bought In

What if you drank the Kool-Aid?

What if you dropped the skepticism and believed that your company was really trying to make a difference? What if you looked for evidence that your company has a bunch of good people trying to do good work instead…

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