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Restoring a Sense of Community

This post is not going to be a traditional post. It was my Sunday newsletter, and I want to share it here. Earlier this week, two police officers were shot and killed when responding to a domestic violence call here in Westerville, Ohio, the place…

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A List of Variables to Success

There are some differences that make a difference. You can be similar to another person in many ways and produce a completely different result. All of these variables are within your control.

Attitude: Number one with a bullet. If there is a…

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Three Words for 2018

Polaris: Polaris is the name of the star we know as the North Star. What makes this star unique is that it does not move in the sky. The north sky moves around Polaris. When you face the North Star, no matter what, you are heading due North. If… Continue Reading
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My 2017 Balance Sheet

As is my tradition (and one worth considering), my balance sheet for 2017 follows.


How could I start anywhere other than right here, The Sales Blog? I had to buy the domain thesalesblog.com in 2007 because someone in Charlotte, North…

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My Digital Age Journal

I have always been jealous of people who keep journals. I've never maintained that discipline as well as I have wanted to. My handwriting is atrocious, making my written notes useless in the future (to write legibly, I print very slowly). Even…

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Start and finish line

There Is No Finish Line

When it comes to your personal and professional development, there is no finish line. There is never a point in time where you can say, “That’s it. I have done all of the work on me that is necessary. I am now the very best possible version of…

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