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You Cannot Run Out of Ideas

What follows is a true story. The client said to the salespeople sitting in his office, “Wait here, I have to run and get this project I need help with. Our current partner said they don’t have any ideas.” Their exiting supplier told…
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Hooray! You’re Average!

Average. It’s a number that expresses the mean, or the sum of values in a set divided by the number of values. For our purposes, it might also stand for mediocre, not bad enough to do anything about, and not good enough to deserve any special…

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Don’t Fake It Until You Make It

The idea that one should fake it until one makes it is rather odd (and poor) advice. What value is there in being a fake, a phony? More still, how does faking it lead to making it (whatever that means)! Dressing up in the clothes, buying all the…

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You Have the Raw Materials

The Earth has been here for 4,000,000,000 or so years. Humans have been here for a very short time, a blink really. During all the time we have been here, all the raw materials that we need to build the International Space Station have been here… Continue Reading
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A Few Words About My Friends

A few years ago, I had an idea for a sales conference. I asked my friends Jeb Blount, Mike Weinberg, and Mark Hunter to join me in building a conference, believing that there was an appetite for real sales content at a real sales conference. There…

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