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How You Lose Deals

This is how you lose deals.
  1. Selling when there is no compelling need: You are not going to win a deal when no deal is possible because your prospective client has no compelling need.
  2. Skipping stages of the sales process: Skipping stages of…
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Why the Factory is Moving South

Running a business isn't easy.

I just watched a video in which the leader of well-known and well-respected brand informed his workers that their jobs would be eliminated in the next two years while the facility relocates to Mexico.

The leader of…

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Lose With Grace

If you lose an opportunity, lose gracefully. Maintain your professionalism, no matter how you lose. Be respectful of the prospective client’s decision, and be respectful of your competitor.

At some point, your dream client is going to change…

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Sell For Lifetime Value

Let’s say you are calling on a customer that spends $250,000 on whatever it is that you sell. For you and your company, that’s not a huge deal, and it isn’t a small deal either. It’s just slightly larger than your average deal with a…

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Your Baby Is Ugly

Weak salespeople tell the client what they want to hear. Great salespeople tell the client what they need to hear.

Want to Hear

The weak salesperson tells the client what they believe he wants to hear. They believe that by telling the client…

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