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It Has Nothing To Do With You

The person who seems angry may have low blood sugar, may have gotten a terrible night’s sleep, or could be severely dehydrated. Their unprovoked anger has a root cause, even if the cause is unavailable to you. A person’s physical state can…

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Liars Leading with Lies

Twice in as many weeks, I've had a salesperson reach out to me and begin the sales conversation with a lie.

In the first case, the salesperson suggested that they were already doing business with one of my companies and recognized we needed an…

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Your Greatest Assets?

“Our people are our greatest assets.”

These are easy words to say. There are not a lot of people who would disagree with this idea, and it appears on walls and on mission statements and in annual reports. It seems to be a universal truth for…

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You Are Rich

As soon as you give, you are rich.

If you have the time to help other people, you are rich. That time is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give another human being. As soon as you give that time, you are rich.

If you have it in your heart…

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Have It Your Way

This morning I drove my teenage son through Burger King (I know, I know. I am waiting for Children’s Service to arrive any minute now).

It was 10:05 AM, and my son wanted lunch. The fancy electronic menu showed only breakfast choices, so I…

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