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Activity Metrics for Adults

Outcomes are better than activity. If you could have the outcome without having to do the work, that would be the right thing to do. You could reserve your time, energy, and resources for something else, having already achieved the outcome.


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You Need More Activity

Sales organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to determine exactly what makes a top performer. They want to know this because they want to make sure that their sales team is full of them.

One sales organization that I know surveyed…

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Your KPIs Aren’t My KPIs

Your key performance indicators aren’t my key performance indicators. The activities and outcomes that might indicate that you are moving towards success can be wildly different from mine.

Different Strategies

Your strategy might be to…

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Counting What Counts

You never produce results without activity. But you also never produce results without those activities generating a positive outcome.

You can count the number of phone calls you make, but that’s only an indication of one part of your effort,…

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