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Taking Notes for the Road Warrior

I had an email conversation this weekend with a sales rep who is using the economic downturn to get back to the basics (which, in my opinion, is never a bad idea). For him, this includes hand-written thank you cards and writing down leads while he…
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Old School Sales Success Trick

One of my clients is a first-rate salesman and sales manager himself. Last week we were going to meet for dinner and the weather and roads were terrible. To make sure were still on for dinner despite the weather, I called. When I answered, my…

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Veterans Day: Remember

Today we honor the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces.

I will honor the memory of my uncle, Francis Xavier DeVille ( (B CO, 1ST BN, 8TH INFANTRY, 4 INF DIV), who was killed walking point in Kontum, South Vietnam on January 12,…

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