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8 Obstacles to Success

  1. Not Knowing What You Want: Your success is not my success, nor mine yours. The way you measure success needs to be based on what it is you want from your life. You cannot find success unless you know what it is you want. So, what do you…
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On Not Fighting Fires

There is a particular disposition some people possess that causes them to shift their focus, regardless of their role, from proactive to reactive. There are all sorts of benefits for holding this disposition, many of which are psychological,…

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Only Complain Up

You are unhappy with something at work, some policy, some recent adjustment to your strategy, a change in the compensation plan, or something that you might interpret as making your job more difficult. Maybe it’s worse, you have long-existing…

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Hold Me Accountable

The sales manager was speaking to his young business development representative about his results and his activity. The results weren’t there, and the activity was low, and certainly lower than the sales manager expected. When the sales manager…

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