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How Not to Ask Like a Mooch

If you are going to ask someone for something, offer to trade value for what you want.Each day, my inbox delivers me requests from people I don’t know, have never heard of, and who don’t know me. These people make requests to be on the In… Continue Reading
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Call Them Right Back

When I was very young, I was asked to make cold calls for the family business. I had a little experience, having made cold calls for a charity a few years earlier, but I had had no training. I was, however, provided with a set of index cards that…

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A Note to Young Entrepreneurs

You aren’t going to be Uber. Well, a few of you may be, but most of you will not. There are a lot of businesses that are being disrupted, and many more will be, but not all of those disruptions will result in an Uber (or something like it).


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