The Best Sales Conference You’ll Ever Attend

On May 6 and 7 and 8, my friends and I will once again host our annual conference, one we believe to be the very best sales conference on Earth. This year will be the fourth year for OutBound, with each year bringing more salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders. We suspect that this is one of the fastest-growing conferences, and the only one designed to help you grow your sales faster.

The conference takes place in the magnificent Georgia Ballroom in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The room would hold just over three-thousand people, but because it is a sales-content driven conference, we limit the tickets to twelve-hundred, so we can provide tables so you can take notes. You are going to take a lot of notes because we insist that the content be practical, tactical, and actionable.

You are also going to see and listen to industry-leading experts, on the only sales conference where you will find them all in one place.

Industry Leading Experts

alt text image of the OutBound 2020 Conference Speakers

On the main stage, you will see my co-conspirators, Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, and Victor Antonio. You are also going to hear from Meredith Elliott Powell, Colleen Francis, Shari Levitin, Andrea and Richard Waltz, and Art Sobczak.

If you buy the Elite Ticket, we will treat you to the third day of sales enablement (or what I would call sales encouragement, because it will see you leaving ten-foot-tall and bazooka proof). Elite ticket holders attend workshops delivered by Amy Franko, Kenyetta Gordon, Kendra Lee, Jeff Bajorek, Larry Levine, James Muir, Brynne Tillman, and Bernadette McClelland.

Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Victor Antonio, will also provide workshops. I will offer a ninety-minute seminar. I do something different each year, and I am working on this year’s workshop now.

The OutBound Conference content falls into three main categories: Prospecting, Pipeline, and Productivity. If three areas of focus will improve your sales results, these three must top your list.

Opportunity to Learn

Over the last decade, the ideas that garnered the most attention were things like inbound, account-based marketing, and lead generation. Salespeople were being told, taught, and trained to give up cold outreach and to spend their time on the social sites, waiting for their dream client to notice them and hoping opportunities showed up in their inbox. Instead of becoming hunters (or what I would call opportunity creators), the experts suggest they become fishermen and fisherwomen, casting a line and waiting for a nibble.

My friends and I decided to share the truth and to offer those who wanted to take their life and their results into their hands a conference where they would have an opportunity to learn to sell, with a lot of B2B content, as well as principle-based ideas that cover business-to-consumer, as well as business-to-government.

Our strongest recommendation is that you bring your sales team, using it as your sales kickoff and a training opportunity. You will never find this many of the top names in sales in one place.

Opportunity to Network

OutBound also provides an opportunity to network with your peers, whether you are a salesperson, a sales manager, or a sales leader. We have had people who had never met before OutBound leave as friends. We’ve had many who left with a new accountability partner, holding each other responsible for doing the work to turn in the best performance.

When we say OutBound is a conference like no other, we mean it. You are also going to network with all the speakers.

There is no green room to speak of, and all of the speakers and workshop facilitators have a booth. You can walk up to any speaker, grab a selfie, have them autograph their book, or chat with them. They will not be hiding backstage; they’ll be right out in front.

Revenue Growth

Lately, there have been rash of conferences focused on revenue growth. But not the attendee’s revenue growth, but the organizer and speaker’s revenue. We call these types of conference “pitch festivals,” where the speakers pitch from the stage, and their minions run around hustling credit cards. These conferences are lead generation with the “victims,” I mean, “attendees” paying to have the speakers pitch them.

OutBound has a strict “no pitching rule,” that prevents any speaker from selling from the stage. It is forbidden, and no speaker has ever broken the rule. The revenue growth we enable is yours!

If you want a great opportunity to improve your sales or your team’s performance, go to and use the coupon code “anthony100” to get $100 of the Main Event ticket. When you go to the site, don’t miss the VIP Experience.

See you in Atlanta on May 6, 7, and 8, 2020.

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