10 Helpful Prompts To Start Your Sales Week and Gain an Edge

A new week brings new possibilities. You start with a fresh set of days with which to produce new—and potentially better—results. Maybe you are all buttoned-up and don’t need any prompts to guide you or reveal some gap you might want to close. But if you do need a starting point, let this list of 10 helpful prompts to start your sales week provide an edge.

  1. Have you planned your week to ensure that you generate the outcomes you need to create now? Are you focused on your most important results?
  2. Are there blocks on your calendar for prospecting that you hold sacred because you recognize that opportunity creation is a prerequisite to opportunity capture?
  3. Is your list of clients well-researched and organized so that you can spend your time making calls and following the steps in your professional and persistent prospecting cadence? Is your approach the kind of professional pursuit plan that allows you to win your dream clients
  4. How are you going to make sure your activity is high enough for you to generate the results you need from this week? What do you need to do to produce the opportunities that equal some number more than 1/50th of your goal? Did you realize that you have to win 2 percent of your annual goal every week?
  5. Do you have the insights and ideas that will allow you to proactively help your clients make the changes they need to succeed now and in the future? Are you doing the work of developing your business acumen and the right to consult?
  6. What are you doing this week to improve yourself? How will you improve your ability to generate better results for yourself, your company, and your clients? What are you doing to advance in your chosen profession?
  7. Is the list of things you owe your clients and prospects complete and up-to-date? Are you confident you are prepared to keep the commitments you have made (knowingly and unknowingly)?
  8. Have you prepared for your meetings, ensuring you are ready with good questions, prepared to answer the hard questions, and focused on creating enough value to earn the right to ask for and obtain the next commitment?
  9. Which of your existing clients need to hear from you this week, and what is on the agenda? Are you creating new opportunities for you by creating new opportunities for your clients?
  10. Are you persisting in the pursuit of the dream clients who chose your competitor the last time they evaluated their options? Have you drafted the plan to continue your pursuit and win their businesses in the future?

Do good work this week!

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