You Are Pure Potential

We misunderstand our real potential. So much of what we believe comes from the subconscious mind, a mind programmed throughout your life, with a good part of that programming being locked into place at a very young age by what you see, hear, and feel—and with a large part of it already in place at birth. Everything and everyone around you indoctrinates you, some intentionally, most without that being their primary aim.

Your limiting beliefs are not your own. They were installed, and you can uninstall them.

The Limits of Your Thinking

I recently overheard a conversation between two people describing how it is not possible for them to lose weight. I was fascinated and said nothing, but some part of me wanted to ask, “Could you lose just one pound?” If a person can lose one pound, how could they refuse to believe they could lose two? If they could lose two, could they not lose three? Without pretending anything I write is easy, you know that it is possible, that one has the potential should they decide to use it.

In a similar conversation a few months back, I remember two people talking about how hard it is to make more money. Had it been any of my business—and it wasn’t—I might have asked, “Could you make ten dollars more?” If you could make ten dollars more, could you not double that and make twenty dollars more? Are there not other people who have determined they will make far more and who are also succeeding at doing so?

Uninstalling Limiting Beliefs

When where your beliefs installed? To whom do those beliefs belong? Why are they so deeply embedded to be perceived by us as immutable truths when they are anything but immutable?

Why should what is possible for one person not also be possible for you? What benefit is there is allowing someone else’s limiting beliefs become your limitations? There may be nothing more dangerous to reaching your full potential than ingesting other people’s fears and limiting beliefs and believing they are laws that apply to you.

As successful as you are now, you are still pure potential, the shorthand for which I use the idea: “be more, do more, have more, contribute more.” What belief do you have to shed to reach reach your potential?

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