10 More Questions to Start Your Week

Here is a list of 10 questions you can use to setup an effective sales week.

  1. Which of your dream clients are you going to pursue for a meeting this week, and what value are you going to trade for their time that increases the likelihood of a getting a “yes” to your request?
  2. With which of your prospective clients do you need to follow up on a past meeting or conversation where there was no real next step established?
  3. Of your existing clients, who do you need to meet with to begin a conversation about your new ideas about how to create even greater value for them in the future? What is the next initiative you have on their roadmap?
  4. Who have you been neglecting? Who do you need to call to let them know you care about them and their business and that you are thinking about them?
  5. What are you going to read this week that will improve your ability to create value for your clients, provide you some new insight, or provide you with something you can share with them?
  6. What proactive planning and preparation work do you need to do to narrow your focus and complete the highest value activities, the tasks and projects that will move the needle for you?
  7. Who do you owe a note of gratitude? Who do you need to thank for giving you their business, helping you with a challenge, or providing you with the advice you needed to get unstuck?
  8. If you look back over your calendar, looking at all your meetings, who (or what) fell off your radar that you should reengage with now? What does it make sense to revisit now?
  9. How are you tracking towards your goals? Where are you at this point of the year? What needs to change for you to reach your goal, if anything? If you are ahead of schedule, what are you capable of where you are now?
  10. What’s broken? What isn’t working and needs a major adjustment or overhaul? Who can help you change your strategy, your tactics, or help you level up your skills?

Use this list over the course of this week to improve your game and drive your results.

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