Why Your Results Are What They Are

Your results are precisely what they should be—even if they are not what you want them to be, and if they are not what is required of you. The results you are producing now are the result of your beliefs and your behaviors, nothing more, nothing less. The effect follows the cause, and there is no way to reverse one of the fundamentals laws of our Universe (or at least the little cul-de-sac that is our solar system).

Your Beliefs

Your beliefs drive your actions, and your actions generate your results.

If you believe that you can put off work until tomorrow, procrastinating, postponing, and avoiding doing what you must do now to produce the result you need in the future, that unfortunate belief will provide a particular outcome—albeit a negative one. Believing your clients, your customers, your employees, and your peers are the source of your problems and challenges will produce the result that follows treating people as obstacles, challenges, and problems. Resentment is born from this belief, and others feel it even when that is not your intention.

Some businesses struggle because they suffer from the belief that customers should find them, the result of which is almost always too few customers and a company that will soon join the ash heap of history. Other businesses struggle when their leaders believe that their employees don’t need their leadership, neglecting them and leaving them to their own devices, with little or no development or coaching, and with nothing that resembles accountability.

If you want better results, look first at your beliefs. Then, look at your actions.

Your Actions

There are two major categories when it comes to looking at the actions that tend to follow weak beliefs: 1) wrong actions, and 2) too little action.

If your results are not what you want or need, the beliefs about what actions are necessary may be the culprit, i.e., traveling West to watch the sunrise. If what you are doing now would produce the results you seek, you would already be creating those results. If your strategy and tactics aren’t working, change your belief and change the actions. But before you change the activities you are taking, make sure you are doing enough; It’s possible your strategy and tactics are okay, but that you aren’t doing enough to produce the result.

Your results perfectly reflect your beliefs and your actions. If you want different results, you have to change.

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