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The Two Types of Hunger

There are two very different types of hunger. The first type is the hunger you feel when you want or need something now, like food, water, shelter, a new smart phone, an 85-inch television, or a Bugatti. This hunger is impetuous and feels urgent,…

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Losing Isn’t a Sales Style

What does it mean to have a “style” of selling?

Most of the time, the word “style” indicates an unwillingness to do what is necessary and instead do what is easier, something that can’t easily be called a “style” as much as ineffective…

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The Friend Zone in Sales

Here is how you know you are in the friend zone in sales:

“I have a great relationship with my main contact.” “I’ve been nurturing this relationship for seven years.” “They really like me, and we have great communication.”

These quotes—and…

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