Will You Move the Needle in Sales Today?

  1. Do you have a list of strategic targets, or something I call dream clients that you are actively pursuing today? Are you working from a list of companies that will perceive what you do as massive, strategic value?
  2. Do you have a call block on your calendar, protecting the time you need to make calls to your dream clients? Have you eliminated distractions, including your smart phone, the browser, and the water cooler chatter?
  3. Do you have language that indicates that you will trade more value for the time you are asking your dream client to give you? Is the disparity in the value greatly in your prospect’s favor?
  4. Do you have a theory about what your dream client should be doing differently now to produce better results? Can you help them discover something about themselves?
  5. Do you sound confident, like a peer, like someone who can contribute to your dream clients success? Are you confident about who you are, what you do, and your ability to move your dream client forward?
  6. Do you have a sequence to follow-up and professionally persist in acquiring a meeting with your dream client over time? Do you have ideas that will allow you to capture mind share over time?
  7. Do you have the insights and ideas that make you a subject matter expert at the intersection of your industry and your dream client’s industry?

The fundamentals of selling can be broken into categories. The first category is opportunity creation. The second category is opportunity capture. The first category necessarily precedes the second.

If you are struggling in sales, being able to answer yes to all the questions above will improve your results. If you answered any of them in the negative, you might look at shoring up the areas you need to improve.

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