What Are You Willing to Do Differently?

Let’s start with a few possible scenarios:

  • You aren’t creating enough opportunities to succeed in reaching your goals. You prefer to prospect by email, so you avoid other mediums available to you. Producing more meetings—and the more opportunities that follow—first requires that you are willing to change how you prospect.
  • Your first meetings don’t go as well as you would like. A lot of them end with the prospect thanking you for your time, saying something nice about you and your company, and making no commitment to meet again. You know you need a second meeting, but gaining that meeting will require that you be willing to change your approach to the first meeting.
  • It feels rude to you to ask the primary contact you are working with to bring other people into the sales conversation. You don’t want them to suspect that you don’t respect their authority or influence. Most of your deals, however, end with your champion calling to tell you that “the powers that be” went another direction. If you aren’t willing to ask for the meetings you know are necessary to win a deal, your present experience won’t improve.
  • There is never enough time to do all the work you need to do in a day. When you open your email inbox each morning, you are greeted by dozens of notes that feel like work but are not your real work, the work you are paid for, and the work that your clients and your company need from you. If you aren’t willing to exercise the discipline necessary to do what is most important, you will never achieve the results you are capable of.

You might not have what you want because you lack some critical knowledge. It could also be a deficiency of some requisite skill, but that isn’t very likely.

In most things, what you want is available to you, as evidenced by the people around you who already have it. The odds are that those who are producing some outcome you desire are doing something you are unwilling to do.

What are you willing to change? What are you willing to do differently?

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