If You Are Going to Talk a Big Game

If you are going to talk a big game, it’s important you understand what is necessary to back it up.

Talking Big

It is easy to talk a big game. It’s easy to sound as if what you are doing is going to amaze and astound, that your goals are going to exceed anyone’s wildest expectations, and to exaggerate what you can do as a way to impress.

But talking big and producing big results are mostly negatively correlated, as those who talk a big game often play the smallest of all games. So small, in fact, as to make their game invisible. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t publicly commit to doing big things, just that you must be prepared to back up your big words.

Thinking Big

Big talkers want you to believe that they are thinking big. “Why not shoot for the moon, the proverbial moonshot that changes everything,” says the big talker who wants you to believe he thinks big.

Those who truly think big don’t pretend that they’re not going to have to overcome challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They don’t ignore reality. The big thinking the big thinker does is not only what they will accomplish, but also all the many problems large and small they will need to solve.

Those who sincerely think big and talk big play a big game where it counts the most.

Act Big

Those who think big and talk big truly intend to create big, transformational results. But what separates those who truly intend to do big things from those who talk a big game or masquerade as someone who thinks big is the fact those who produce big results also take big actions. They do everything they say they will do and more, with big discipline, big effort, big resourcefulness, and big persistence, all integral ingredients to big results.

Those who do big things and produce big results execute. Because they are busy working on doing something big, they don’t have a lot of time for big talk. Because they think big, they spend most of their time working on how to produce the result they want, which is chiefly made up of solving big problems.

Think big, talk big, and back it up with big action.

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