Perceived Risks and Real Threats

If you fear losing and avoiding taking the necessary actions to win believing you might put an opportunity at risk, your lack of action is what is most likely to cause you to lose the opportunity.

If you are overconfident, believing you have already won the deal and there is no chance of a negative outcome, that overconfidence will blind you to the real dangers and increase the likelihood of a loss.

Underestimating your competitor because you believe them to be inferior in salesmanship or solution is to disrespect them and increase your risk of losing to them.

Believing that some people are not important enough for your time and attention can create a resentment that mobilizes a force of people who actively work against you and the opportunity you are pursuing.

Leaving concerns unaddressed allows those same concerns to take root and spread to others on your client’s team, making something that you might have resolved into something that eliminates your chances.

Going forward with a presentation without having done the work to ensure that is the right answer exposes you to the downside risk of proposing something your client can refuse.

Letting a small problem grow unabated creates a larger problem later, and if it was too difficult to solve the smaller problem, the larger one will cost you more in time, money, and trust.

An inability to justify the delta between your price and your competitor’s price reduces the likelihood and ability of your client to defend your pricing inside their company, while making it easier to choose another.

Not asking for a clarification when you are not certain you understand what your client is communicating leads to mistakes that cause the loss of an opportunity (or client) later.

Those who do the difficult things that others avoid reap the rewards that others are denied.

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