Hold These Constant

This is an age of constant, accelerating, disruptive change, much of it providing an improvement, but as much causing damage the extent of which won’t be clear until some time later. When the world seems to be spinning ever faster, there are constants that can give you some mooring.

Integrity: Be exactly who you say you are, and act in accordance therewith. No matter what changes, this must not, as it has been required of those who have known success through the ages.

Improvement: There aren’t too many things you might do that will serve you as well as improving yourself, but especially when things seem to be changing most. The fact that you are engaged in learning ups your odds of success.

Abundance: The world is split into two groups of people, those who see scarcity and those who see abundance. The world will look very much like what you imagine, and abundance is the better choice.

Grateful: Those who are grateful for what they have often find that more good things come to them, and those who are not appreciative find very little comes to them.

Resourcefulness: In a world where answers aren’t easy, the ability to be creative and generate ideas is an advantage. You already possess unlimited creativity, but you have to use it.

Initiative: Waiting is not a strategy for success in any time, but least of all when change is occurring all around you. Keep moving, even if it requires you to change course.

Progress: Small steps in the right direction are more likely than a miraculous transformation or a hit on your first try. The right direction is the goal, not perfection.

These attributes, these character-traits, will provide you a platform on which to stand while the world spins around you.

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