OutBound and the No Pitching Rule

I just heard from some friends who attended what was supposed to be a big sales conference. They texted me from inside the conference to tell me that it was one giant commercial with the speakers pitching from the stage.

Sadly, this isn’t at all unusual. What looks like a conference where real content will be delivered is nothing more than a facade to get potential customers into a room for a pitch—one they paid to attend. It’s a bait and switch.

When my friends and I started the OutBound Conference three years ago, our number one value was that, without exception, no one would pitch from the stage, something each of us had seen before, believing it ruined the experience. Instead, the OutBound speakers and workshop facilitators would deliver pure, practical, tactical, and actionable content.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received emails from people who were interested in attending OutBound and bringing their teams, but they were afraid that OutBound would be like some other conferences, ones like the description of the one my friends attended. Rest assured, OutBound in no way resembles some of the conferences where “speakers” pitch from the stage. It doesn’t happen.

No speaker or presenter on the OutBound stage needs you to hire them. They’re the very best in the business, and that is why they are on the bill at OutBound. They are the biggest names in sales development, and should you want to engage them, they aren’t hard to find.

If you were concerned about the content, I hope I have resolved that concern for you. If you still have concerns, ask around on LinkedIn and see what attendees from the last two years have to say about OutBound.

Use coupon code “iannarino100” for $100 off the main ticket.

OutBound is the very best, content-driven sales conference on Earth. It takes place at the World Congress Center in the Georgia Ballroom on April 24th and 25th, with an Elite ticket that includes a full day of workshops on April 26th. If you want the VIP experience, you’ll need to show up in Atlanta on the 23rd for an experience you can’t find anywhere else.


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