What Makes the OutBound Conference Different

Every year, I put on a conference with my good friends, Mike Weinberg, Mark Hunter, and Jeb Blount. It’s called the OutBound Conference, and it is focused on prospecting, pipeline, and productivity. I want you to join us in Atlanta on April 24th and 25th of 2019.

Here is what makes OutBound different.

Straight Content: There is no filler here. There is no emcee, nor is there a host. Instead, one speaker delivers actionable, practical content, and as they leave the stage the next speaker takes their place. This is the greatest educational experience for prospecting, pipeline, and productivity.

Volunteers: When we speak, it is almost always to an audience of people from a single company. They are commanded to attend, not that they don’t enjoy it and benefit from it greatly. The audience at OutBound has chosen to invest in themselves and have decided to take responsibility for their growth and development.

The No Pitching Rule: No speaker is allowed to pitch the audience from the stage. See the first bullet point above, straight content. Our sponsors have booths and we have chosen them because they can accelerate your results. We want you to go meet with them during the breaks, and we’ll make sure you have time to do so.

The Best Main Stage in the Business: Where on Earth are you going to find Jeffrey Gitomer, Bob Burg, Andrea Waltz, Colleen Francis, Victor Antonio, and Waldo Waldman on the same stage? The answer? Only OutBound. There is no rival to this main stage, and our promise to you is that you will be engaged, entertained, and educated all at the same time.

Energy: Imagine, if you will, a sales conference that is part sales, part rock show, and part Cirque de Soleil. The energy here is so different than anything else it’s palpable. You’re going to feel it.

Access: There is no green room. The speakers at OutBound are going to be around and available, and you are going to have access to say hello, get a book signed and take selfies. In fact, we are going to make you take selfies with us. We want a picture with you.

The Third Day: Yes, the conference is two days in a giant, main stage room. The third day is a series of workshops from people like Meredith Elliot Powell, Larry Levine, Gene McNaughten, Jen Gluckow, Shari Levitin, James Muir, Lee Salz, Sam Richter, and Bernadette McClelland. You need an Elite ticket to The Third Day, so get one while you still can.

Use the code anthony100 to get $100 off the standard ticket.

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