Selling to Non-Prospects

There are always salespeople who believes they can convince those who do not buy and use what they sell to buy what they sell. Even when there is little evidence that this is possible and more than enough evidence to the contrary.

They believe that the people and companies that aren’t already buying what they sell will recognize their need when presented with their product or solution. They think that what they sell will serve anyone and everyone. Why wouldn’t it? If some other company buys what they sell and benefits doing so, undoubtedly other company should be doing the same, right?

But They Just Need Time

These poor, lost souls spend time with contacts and companies that have never purchased what they sell before. They sincerely believe they can help, continually sharing their value proposition, working to convince the unconvinced to see the error of their ways.

When they leave the customer meeting, they report, “That call went very well. They asked many questions, and I think they’re interested. They need more time to decide.” You must be optimistic and sales, but not delusional. Non-buyers aren’t often making a mistake. Instead, they recognize that what you sell isn’t valuable to them, even if it works well for others.

The Three Sins

Three sins are being committed here. First, you’re wasting the non-prospect’s time. That’s time that they can never recover, and that would be better off devoted to something that is important to their business. Second, you’ve wasted your own time, time that you should be spending with people and companies that already buy and value what it is you sell. For most of us, we’re in a competitive displacement business, meaning we have to take customers away from our competitors.

Third, and finally, you are depriving your real dream clients of the time and attention they need from salespeople who can improve their results and who can help them create a better future.

Engagement is essential, but it isn’t enough to indicate you are selling. There are some you should not try to sell.

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