Every Sales Call, Every Opportunity, Every Time

Opportunities are too rare to take for granted. Engagement is a gift, and one that deserves your respect. A dream client with a compelling reason to change is a starting point for a competitive displacement. Every opportunity deserves your best effort, your very best shot.

Every interaction with the people who are going to decide whether to work with you is an opportunity to create a preference. It can move them towards working with you. And it can just as easily be an interaction that moves your contacts to consider a competitor—or to move towards them.

Believing that sales is business as usual, that it’s simply punching a clock and going through the motion, is taking opportunities too lightly. Not preparing for meetings, not determining the outcomes you need to achieve, and not planning to create compelling value for the contacts sitting across from you in a sales call is to take half measures.

Without a real pursuit plan, a strategy to win, you leave yourself susceptible to a loss. Without spending the time to decide how you are going to win—and how you might lose—you risk losing where a win is possible. It takes effort to think, to strategize, to consider possibilities.

The opportunity you are pursuing may not be available to you again in the future. It may be years—or decades—before your dream client decides to reevaluate their partner. A poor showing may make it more difficult to get another shot in the future. You need to be impeccable in every interaction, in every opportunity, every time. It is important to win, but if you are going to lose, you must lose having made it an impossibly difficult decision for your dream client.

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