What Your Calendar Projects

When I look at your online calendar, the one that allows me to schedule time with you, I notice something that causes me to believe one of two things. Because there are not very many openings, I assume that you are super busy, in which case, I worry about you having enough time and attention for me. If I am a relatively small client, then I really worry. If you are an entrepreneur and I don’t see nights and weekends, I wonder about your commitment to your business, the business that you started.

When I look at the calendar and notice there is nothing booked and you have plenty of time, then it looks like you are not busy at all, in which case I wonder how good you are at what you do, since you have nothing but white space. When you tell me that you have provided the calendar for my convenience as part of your email signature, then I assume the empty space on your calendar is there because no one took you up on your offer of a meeting.

Neither of these assumptions needs to be true for someone to decide what the lack of time or the abundance of time means. Some portion of the already small population that will click your link won’t make any judgment at all. Others will view what they see through their own beliefs, biases, and experiences.

If you are including calendar links in an email request for a meeting, you are expecting too much of your prospective client. We use terms like “demand generation,” as if it were possible for you to generate anything that might be called demand. You are pursuing your dream client, not the other way around. It isn’t their job to schedule with you, no matter how convenient.

The calendar link is another way to mistake efficiency for effectiveness. Even though you might think it causes people to believe that you are in demand, but once they click through, they may another impression.

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