Negative People Don’t Know They Are Negative

Negative people don’t know that they are negative. They believe that they are completely rational, that they are realists.


When a negative person complains, they believe that something is truly wrong and that are simply reciting facts. “This isn’t right.” “This isn’t good enough. It should be better.” Their complaining isn’t done to improve things, and it’s not that are pleased but unsatisfied. They’re just perpetually displeased and make their discomfort with the world not being what they wish it were known to everyone around them.


The negative person doesn’t believe they are cynic. They don’t recognize that they talk down everything and everyone, but especially anyone who is trying to do something big. It’s not just that don’t buy into an initiative, it’s that they try to point out all the things that prevent it from perfect, as if progress towards better isn’t worth pursuing. They vocalize their skepticism to bring other people to their cause.

Devil’s Advocate

Many who believe they create value by playing the devil’s advocate are really just negative. They look to find reasons that something can’t be done, shouldn’t be done, or will only fail to achieve its intended outcome—and is quite likely to make things worse. The negative person who plays this role sincerely believes they are serving an honorable purpose, even if they prevent others from  improving things.


Negative people are pessimists. They see only the worst in everything and everyone. This is the attitude of the defeatist, those who believe they have already lost before they even start the game. They’re all doom and gloom, even when there is evidence to the contrary. They believe things are getting worse, that everything is on fire, and because they are looking through the warped lenses of the negative mindset, there is nothing positive to report.

They believe that you, the positive, optimistic, future-oriented, and empowered person is the irrational one.

Unless and until they are made aware of their infection, it will continue, making their life less than it should be, and failing to make any positive contribution. No positive contribution comes from negativity.

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