The Breakthroughs Before Your Breakthrough

Before your breakthrough results, there are breakthroughs that must come first.

You must break through your fears. You may fear leaving, losing your friends, or making them unhappy by moving forward. You’ll also have to break through your fear of failing. Breakthroughs invariably follow a number of failed attempts. The fear of being judged must also be broken through; there will always be critics who judge those who do things they are afraid to try themselves. You will also have to get through the fear of being disappointed. Missteps and mistakes precede breakthroughs and provide feedback on the adjustments you need to make.

Resistance is something else you will also have to break through. Resistance shows up as procrastination, avoiding the work that you know you need to do. Avoiding the work you need to do is often the symptom that shows up because of one of the fears listed above. It takes energy and effort to break through resistance—that’s the energy needed to create breakthrough results.

Action is what is necessary to break through resistance, and without it, the resistance prevents growth.

Comfort is something that must be broken through. You might think that comfort is a good thing. Everyone wants pleasure and to avoid pain. But if you are growing, improving, and producing breakthrough results, you will have to deal with discomfort. In fact, you’ll have to seek out the things that make you uncomfortable, knowing that the better results you want are always on the other side. You’ll have to break through what you are now to release the version of you that comes after this one.

If you want to produce the best results you are capable of, you must break through all the things that prevent your breakthrough to have them.

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