How to Get What You Want

It is infinitely more likely that you are failing to produce the results you want because of a lack of execution than a lack of knowledge. It is almost certain if you know what you want, that you also know what you need to do to have it.

If it isn’t a lack of execution that is preventing the result you want to achieve, then it is almost certainly a lack of patient persistence. If you do the right thing long enough, you will eventually have what you want.

If you know what you want and do not have it despite knowing what you need to do and patiently persisting, then your strategy for producing that outcome isn’t right. You can do almost everything right and be off in just one critical area. If you find the distinction between your strategy and someone who already has what you want, making a change will almost surely get you what you want.

This is the recipe for achieving what you want to achieve. First, get great clarity about what you want. Two, learn what it is you need to do to have it and execute. Three, patiently persist until you achieve the result. Four, make any necessary adjustments and repeat.

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