The Whipsaw

If you ever feel you are being pulled in two directions:

Get more meetings. But don’t spend time with prospects that aren’t qualified.

Follow the sales process. But also help the buyer where they are in their process.

Don’t miss a meeting. But make sure you are in the field.

Spend time with your clients. But answer my emails in real time.

Share an insight. But make sure to tell them about our new product initiatives.

Develop your business acumen and situational knowledge. But stick to the approved messaging.

Be more entrepreneurial. But don’t do anything that we haven’t provided you.

Don’t talk too much. But make sure you share all of the things that differentiate us.

Control the process. But don’t risk challenging the client.

Develop a relationship. But don’t invest in a relationship.

Don’t pitch. But use the slide deck marketing approved.

Be consultative. But make sure you pin the prospect down an agreed upon closing date, so I can forecast the deal.

Focus on what’s most important. Update your CRM and get me that report.

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