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You Have the Raw Materials

The Earth has been here for 4,000,000,000 or so years. Humans have been here for a very short time, a blink really. During all the time we have been here, all the raw materials that we need to build the International Space Station have been here… Continue Reading
outbound sales conference audience

A Few Words About My Friends

A few years ago, I had an idea for a sales conference. I asked my friends Jeb Blount, Mike Weinberg, and Mark Hunter to join me in building a conference, believing that there was an appetite for real sales content at a real sales conference. There…

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wood stove with stacks of wood

First Wood. Then Heat.

There is this old cartoon I keep around to use in some slide decks. In the picture, a man is standing in front of a wood burning stove. The man is saying to the wood burning stove, “Give me more heat and I will give you more wood.” The stove…

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piggy bank squeezed in a vice

Cheap Is Expensive

People believe that the way to determine whether something is cheap or expensive is to look at the price, oftentimes comparing the price of one offering with a similar offering. While price can sometimes be a factor, it generally has less to do…

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