Give The World What It Rewards

The world punishes some behaviors while rewarding others, even though the behaviors that are punished are sometimes more common than those rewarded.

The world doesn’t seem to think too much of laziness, preferring to confer its benefits to industriousness instead. While laziness produces a lack of result, industriousness is rewarded with increased monetary compensation, increased recognition, and growth.

Integrity and character are also rewarded while a lack of these things is almost always punished. One who is dishonest may succeed in getting what they want over the short term, but over the longer term, the world ostracizes those who do things that are illegal and immoral. The world rewards honesty, integrity, and character with relationships that last a lifetime, trust in business and personal dealings, and the reward that comes to those who have a clear conscience.

Giving up is often punished while persistence and determination receive what may seem like an unfair bounty. This last week I wrote a post where I suggested that given enough time, energy, and resources, all obstacles yield. A reader suggested that I was incorrect, that he would never be able to play in the Masters or carry a baby to term. I believe he is wrong, that he is short on time, energy, and resources . . . and a passionate desire to have these things (something I should have added). Giving up is punished with a lack of having whatever it was that you were pursuing, something that someone else with greater intestinal fortitude will surely have as their reward.

The world doesn’t reward pessimism or cynicism in any of their varieties. The underlying negative mindset produces a negative lens through which the world looks like a dark and difficult place. Most of the time, this negative mindset is used to protect the holder from being hurt or disappointed, while also absolving them of the responsibility to do something, especially pouring their heart and soul into something. People who are optimistic, empowered, and future-oriented reap the benefits of seeing a world that is full of unlimited possibility and potential.

The first half of The Only Sales Guide is a list of attributes that the world favors. Things like self-discipline, optimism, caring, competitiveness, determination, resourcefulness, initiative, communication skills, and accountability.

Reality is extremely persistent. It isn’t swayed by opinions, and it doesn’t seem to take into account any individual’s preferences. If what you are doing isn’t producing the result you want, it is likely that the root cause may be that you are acting in opposition to what the world rewards.

You can have anything you want, provided you are willing to pay the price to have it, and provided you pay the price in full.

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