You Know You Can Do Better

The result you are producing right now is not the result you are capable of producing. You are capable of more. You are also capable of better. The results you are producing right now are but a fraction of what they could be. If you are reading this, you are the kind of person who knows this to be true.

Sometimes you go to work and leave the best part of yourself behind. You show up without the part of you that is passionate, empowered, and inspired. That’s the part of you that does more than punch a time clock and pass time with what amounts to busy work. When you bring the part of you that is on fire, the results you produce are much better. If you were to bring the person who operates at a much higher level, the one with passion, your economic results would be better—and you would serve others at a much higher level.

But this isn’t just about your work. It’s about who shows up in every part of your life. The other results you produce are also better when you bring your best self to them. When you are with the people you care most about, are you really with them, or are you off somewhere else? There is nothing that matters more than your relationships, and the results you produce there vary depending on which version of you shows up. Is it the one that is checking the box, still somewhere else? Or it the one that is fully present, giving the most important people in their world the most important gift in the world? That is the gift of their full presence in that moment.

In every area of your life, there are variations in the results that you might produce. You can see these differences when you look at the results produced by different people. But you can also see the differences between which version of you that you bring to any endeavor. The outcomes are always going to be better when the person who shows up is the one who pours their soul into what they are doing.

You know you can do better.

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