Success and Your Personal Leadership

If you look to see the differences between people who are succeeding and those who are struggling, you will notice that those who are succeeding have a strong sense of personal leadership. Those who are more successful lead themselves.

Internal Locus of Control: Some people believe that the world is acting on them, that everything is outside of their control, providing them with excuses for not acting or absolving them of responsibility for not producing some result. Others, those with an internal locus of control, believe that they determine their own fate, that they are acting on the world. This is not to say that those who have this internal locus of control don’t recognize that there are external factors to consider, it’s that they take action and adjust their strategies.

Determine Their Own Work: No one ever has to tell someone with a strong sense of personal leadership what they need to do, when they need to do it, or that they need to work harder and do more. Those with a strong personal leadership do what needs to be done before anyone ever has to ask them to do it. They direct their own work, they manage their time, and they are mature enough to avoid the distractions that ensnare those who lack a sense of personal leadership and lack self-discipline.

High Personal Standards: Those with the ability to lead themselves also have high personal standards. They do good work because they are conscientious and believe their work matters. They produce results consistently without ever having to be asked to do more or do better, both the quality and quantity of their work being more than those who need to be told what to do.

Hold yourself accountable for results that are greater than anyone else would expect from you. Personal leadership provides a freedom denied to all those who need someone to manage them because they lack the ability to manage themselves.

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