The Reason You Think No One Is Buying

In just about every market, there are more people who are not buying than people who are actively looking to buy. Because you are having a certain experience, that experience is your data point as to what is true. Other people, however, may be having a very different experience than you are, and there may be reasons their experience is so different.

The difference in activity can explain the difference between these two experiences. Someone who is taking massive action is more likely to encounter prospective clients who are open to a conversation to explore change. A person with very low activity is not going to have that same experience because they are not giving themselves enough of an opportunity to find those prospective clients.

Yet, I would never want you to believe that activity is everything. More activity is certainly better than low activity. But better activity is also better than more activity. There is an effectiveness Component to opportunity creation. Someone with a better approach and a higher level of competency in engaging prospective clients is always going to perform better than someone with an approach that is ineffective, old-school, or no longer useful.

It is a very human thing to decide that difficult things are impossible things, even when there is proof that they are possible sitting right next to you. It’s also a very human thing to search for reasons why one struggles to produce a certain result, and to choose external factors that absolve yourself of the responsibility to try.

In many areas, what one person can do, another can do. The difference in the results is the difference in the beliefs in your actions.

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