Three Elements Missing from The Only Sales Guide

One of the constraints you must deal with when you write a book is the word limit. Most business books are around 60,000 words. This is in large part about the costs of publishing and profitably selling the book, but there is also good reason to prune the writing, something that always improves the writing.

When I wrote The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, I started with 21 elements, losing 3 of them in the editing process. The 3 elements that are missing belonged in the book then, and they are still relevant now.

The first thing to get cut was Empathy and Emotional Intelligence. The empathy part made it a natural fit for integration into Caring (Chapter 3), and so it was weaved into that section. The emotional intelligence was removed completely, even though it is an attribute that can be developed. One who is able to recognize another person’s emotions, as well as their own, is more effective in sales (and most everything else where human being are concerned).

The next thing to be cut was Differentiation. That chapter was written as the closing chapter and had very little to do with the original chapter, where the skill was identified as being able to differentiate yourself and your offering from your competitors. The concluding chapter of TOSG is one of my favorites, but it didn’t do the work of providing guidance on creating the outcome necessary in modern B2B sales.

There was a chapter that I wrote separately from the rest of the chapters. It was different from the rest, and in some ways more important. It was the mindset attribute of Passion. The idea there was one part being hyped on what you are doing, and one part giving yourself over to your work. If people were half as passionate about their company and their product as they are the sports teams they follow, they’d do a heck of a lot better work and have greater success.

There may be a companion document for TOSG in the future to remedy these elements begin left out.

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