The Care and Feeding of Your Pet Dragon

A dragon doesn’t make for a very good pet. They require care and feeding, and because of their size, their appetite is immense. When feeding a dragon, the one who is providing the food often finds themselves at great risk of being burned. After all, the dragon is, in fact, a dragon, and the one providing the food isn’t too different than the food itself.

More still, cleaning up after a dragon isn’t a great joy either. Their messes are awful, and going around behind them trying to take care of destruction they leave in their wake is a never-ending task. It’s also a thankless task, with the dragon showing no appreciation for the work you are doing on its behalf.

But hey, you wanted the dragon and worked hard to acquire it. You took the dragon from its prior owner, exerting a lot of effort to wrench it away from them. The dragon is more effort than it is worth, but because you worked so hard to bring it home, it’s embarrassing to admit that the dragon isn’t making that great of a pet.

At some point, you realize that a dragon doesn’t make a very good pet. The best thing you can do with a dragon is to unchain yourself from it and release it into the wild where it can take care of itself until it finds someone else foolish enough to believe that a dragon would make a good pet.

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