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See Something. Say Something.

Seeing something and not saying something is condoning that behavior.

I learned a great deal from the CEO for whom I worked for many years. If she walked into the lobby and it wasn't impeccably clean, she would immediately move people to clean it…

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notes in a book

How to Revise Your Beliefs

I am writing my third book now. I can’t tell you the title yet because we are not sure it is final. While I am writing this book, I am unintentionally writing another book. Let’s call it book number seven since it is my intention to publish it…

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scales to measure

When You Must Be Impartial

A salesperson asked me a very important question. He asked, “How can you be a trusted advisor and consultative salesperson when you are partial to your company?” His point was that if your company and your solution is always right in all…

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